The care

The care The help how to open the personality is more important ddya girls.

The care will be expressed in aspiration to make the daughter happy and compassion of her pain.

Control for her experiences, for her pain, for her some own children's sufferings and desire to show love in the form of care induces parents to interfere with the girl's life, to be interested in events and to influence it.

The second type of love, trust, on the contrary, means recognition that with my child, the boy, the son, everything is all right.

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The matter

The matter The matter is that at free education the child is not capable to polukchit many essentially important skills in his life.

Children cannot learn to forgive if before them there are no guilty; Cannot learn to suffer and cooperate if everything becomes as they want; Cannot creatively learn to think if everything deklatsya for them; Cannot learn to feel pity if do not ispyktyvat pain; Cannot learn courage and optimism if Do not endure misfortune; Cannot learn to correct an error if they do not make them; Cannot develop an adequate selfassessment if do not overcome difficulty; Cannot choose the purpose if they had not to govokrit no.

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Differentiation When you show to the child of a letter with or sh or replacing their symbols he has to say the corresponding sounds.

Differentiation of sounds in syllables.

You very slowly say syllables among which meet syllables with sounds with and sh: ra, shi, lo, sou, re, sha, etc.

sound which heard.

Differentiation of sounds in words.

V you slowly say words where sounds with or sh stand in the beginning of the word a garden, the son, a fur coat, a dream, a step, etc.

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Do not give

Do not give Here some rules which observance will ensure safety bathings.

In any disastrous situation try to keep samooblada scientific research institute.

Do not give in to sensation of fear.

The minute fear can ruin even skilled swimmer.

human body.

What role is played by various water procedures, when, as well as them to accept a coma, what is the time to have a rest after razlich ny procedures that in what time to drink and eat at balneotherapy.

The first balnearies appeared at monasteries.

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And now we return

And now we return Berri Brazilton, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Frederik Lebua, Michel Oden's works and many others we understood, what changes happened within several centuries in relationship of parents and children.

And now we return ourselves the right to be gentle and we start over again to practice education methods which helped to survive to human race in the first five hundred thousand years of history.

Let's draw a conclusion.

It seems, the first two years of life children develop best of all when cares of them much and the small and constant group of adults and brothers with sisters pays them attention.

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